PCCW Global and Syntropy join forces to open up their network for Web3 

PCCW Global will deploy and operate Syntropy’s DARP Nodes at strategic locations within their network.

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Collaboration at a glance

PCCW is a leading international telecommunications service provider and owner of one of the largest fully-meshed IP backbone networks, reaching more than 400 cities worldwide across over 600,000 km of fiber.

PCCW Global has agreed to deploy and operate Syntropy’s DARP nodes at strategic locations within the PCCW Global Network. 

Syntropy clients will pay to use routes identified by PCCW Global’s DARP Nodes as the best paths, allowing the provider to monetize unused bandwidth. This collaboration represents a major step forwards in establishing Open Bandwidth Exchange (OBX), an industry settlement layer for bandwidth on demand.

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Our collaboration with PCCW Global represents a major step towards opening up and tokenizing unused bandwidth

Up until now, network operators have been unable to generate revenue from underutilized links across their network. Syntropy and PCCW Global’s collaboration represents a major step forward towards establishing an industry standard settlement layer for bandwidth on demand.

Web3 application developers, network infrastructure engineers, and technical application owners can purchase network services on-demand through an API. Transparent-usage-based pricing marks a fundamental shift towards Web3 and away from legacy business models that create market inefficiencies.

Syntropy’s technology is one of the few use cases of Web3 that has true utility and widespread enterprise use cases. OBX is unlocking previously untapped bandwidth potential to prepare the internet for the demands of VR, AR and the metaverse. The infrastructure built by PCCW Global will become a key part of Syntropy’s OBX allowing companies ability to purchase bandwidth on-demand in the fastest, most cost effective way.

This collaboration marks a tectonic shift as major enterprises begin adopting blockchain-based solutions and realize their immense potential. By joining forces with PCCW to build the Open Bandwidth Exchange we will dramatically improve the public internet, enabling businesses to get the fastest, most reliable paths between their data centers.

Domas Povilauskas

Co-Founder & CEO
of Syntropy

I’ve been following Syntropy for the last 18 months and am very impressed with their technology and the value they are creating in our industry. We're excited to collaborate with Syntropy and deploy DARP relay nodes across our network. This collaboration allows us to provide Syntropy clients with best-in-class bandwidth on-demand and increase monetization of the infrastructure we have built.

CEO of PCCW Global

Marc Halbfinger

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